What does secondary target audience mean

Such a marketing strategy might emphasize the books' low prices, the annotations or the accessibility of the works themselves. Online textbook https: References Pearson Education: Your secondary market may consist of influencers — people who impact the decisions of others to buy your product or service.

A business' primary target market is the group of people most likely to buy from them.

what does secondary target audience mean

The person is also usually the decision maker. If the market potential is too small, you may not have a viable product or service to sell. They differ from the most populous and profitable, primary target market in characteristics, behavior and number.

what does secondary target audience mean

Are there other groups to be found within each audience? Markets are segmented by demographics, geography, buying behaviors and psychographic traits such as lifestyle, interests and personality.

what does secondary target audience mean

Although it may cost a little more, you can also create secondary advertising material to target your secondary audience, though this marketing campaign should be cheaper than a primary campaign to be cost-effective. Audience Analysis: When is It Okay?

Faculty may assign Writing Commons for their composition , business , technical , and creative writing courses.

Audience Analysis: Primary, Secondary, and Hidden Audiences

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What Is a Secondary Target Market?

The characteristics of the secondary target market differ from those of the primary target market, but the secondary market is related to the primary market. Many products purchased today require some sort of assembly.

what does secondary target audience mean

Previous Next. To the next. The less your audience knows about the subject, the less technical your document should be and all terms should be clearly defined. For simple, routine messages, it is not necessary to analyze your audience in depth. ENC 3246 — Communications for Engineers As an engineer, you will likely need to communicate with several different audiences and possibly all in one document.

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