What does over dimensioning a sketch mean

About Sketch Constraints

Every solid has three dimensions, each of the geometric shapes making up the object must have its height, width, and depth indicated in the dimensioning. This cross-sectional view section A-A, figure 17 , one that is orthogonal to the viewing direction, shows the relationships of lengths and diameters better.

what does over dimensioning a sketch mean

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what does over dimensioning a sketch mean

Imagine that you have an object suspended by transparent threads inside a glass box, as in figure 3. The cross-section on the right of figure 22 is technically correct.

what does over dimensioning a sketch mean

It controls the dimension units and tolerances, display of dimension values, arrangement of dimensions in drawing views, style and position of dimension texts, and properties of drawing notes. Sketch Complexity. Figure 27 - Surface datum example.

Sketch Options. As a constraint is inferred, the constraint symbol is shown, as well as dotted alignment lines, if applicable.

How to Quickly Fully Define Your SOLIDWORKS Sketch

Creating Circular Dimensions. Using the spacebar, you can toggle between inferred planes, or select the sheet plane or a model work plane to place the dimension.

what does over dimensioning a sketch mean

Imagine slicing the object in the middle figure 9: Click here for information about technical support. You can then add sketch points and dimension them at any point on the curve as shown in the following image. Within the Autodesk Inventor sketch environment, there are two types of constraints: The following image shows a 2D spline sketch with dimensions on fit points and curvature. Individual ordinate dimensions provide support for imported AutoCAD drawings that contain ordinate dimensions.

Fully Define Sketch PropertyManager

Preselection of Entities for Smart Dimensioning. You can copy one or more properties from the selected dimension to a target dimension for all types of dimensions.

Figure 21 - Half section without hidden lines.