What does exert mean in chemistry

Nonvolatile Definition in Chemistry

The force exerted on a given area. Equally, there is widespread agreement that preferential arrangements have been quite influential, exerting a substantial impact on the global trading system.

Avogadro's Law: The value of a depends on how strong the interactions are between molecules. My Dictionary.

Gases and gas laws

See atmospheric pressure. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Translation of exert Nglish: He was ex officio excluded from the Legislative Assembly, and his declarations of policy were thus in writing - that is, in the form in which she could most readily exert her power.

what does exert mean in chemistry

First Known Use of exert circa 1630, in the meaning defined at sense 1a. Retrieved from " https: Need even more definitions? But he continued to exert all his powers to restrain his troops from attacking. Kids Definition of exert. Quite often the cave gave way to the pressure of the surrounding rock.

Exert Sentence Examples

Need a translator? If pressure and the number of moles are constant, then the volume of a system is directly proportional to the temperature of the system.

what does exert mean in chemistry

The sea, hobgoblins, and blankets. Exert Sentence Examples.

Pressure Definition and Examples

See more words from the same year. The pressure against my throat seemed completely constricting. This is deviation from ideal behavior real gas behavior.

what does exert mean in chemistry

She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. He works well under pressure.

what does exert mean in chemistry

In this war Prince Napoleon commanded the French corps that occupied Tuscany, and it was expected that he would become ruler of the principality, but he refused to exert any pressure upon the inhabitants, who preferred union with the Italian kingdom.

Nearby words for pressure pressoreceptor pressosensitive pressroom pressrun presstitute pressure.

what does exert mean in chemistry

She will have to exert herself a lot more if she wants to succeed in this business. Boyles Law animated. Certain faculties develop in response to the pressure of environment. A gas molecule travels in random directions and frequently collide with other gas molecules.