What does cop mean in air conditioning

COPs, EERs, and SEERs

Ali Haj Fraj. There is no waste and the power output in heat equals the power input in electricity , so the COP is one. Jokin Larrauri.

Observe that the electrical power consumed goes into the building. The discussion applies equally to residential, commercial, and industrial systems. Therefore, for every 1 kW of power consumed by the chiller, it will provide 1.

COP Calculation and Monitoring in HVAC Application

The EER can be specified only at a specific delta temperature between inside and outside the space being cooled , because as we see from equation 2, the efficiency changes with this delta temperature. While there are now residential systems on the market that have a SEER of over 20, most commercial and industrial systems have efficiencies far below this.

Line Voltage Volts I: Finally , by having both Thermal and Electrical Power values on board, instantaneous COP is calculate able, log able and also monitor able via graphical or text based Human Machine Interfaces in parallel with Web Visualization via Smart Phones or Tablets in all over the world. With each number, however, these figures only give a guidance to the power you will use in practice.

what does cop mean in air conditioning

As you can see from equation 2, as the difference between the hot temperature and the cold temperature increases, the COP becomes lower, and vice versa.

A heat pump uses the same principles, but it is moving heat from outside the cold side to the space being heated inside the living space. Measuring the COP allows: The metering device expansion device is adjacent to the evaporator and installed inside the space where the air used to cool the space can flow.

what does cop mean in air conditioning

Hence, the COP is equal to 3. The ratings for HSPF apply only to systems that combine a heat pump. It was proposed that the minimum EER should be set at 11.

what does cop mean in air conditioning

In practice, however, most manufacturers adopted the use of a TXV to improve the efficiency of the systems they manufacture. The compressor is usually housed with the condenser and these are in one package that is usually installed outside or on a roof.

what does cop mean in air conditioning