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Henry V. McCrea, Scott. One key facet of the de Verean hypothesis , as proposed by Charles Ogburn, is that an integral part of the conspiracy to deny Edward de Vere his historical right to the authorship of the Shakespearean canon consisted in a thorough post-mortem destruction and censorship of the Elizabethan records, public and private, by Burghley's heirs, that would have proven his connection to the works.

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Collaborations are known to be in the Shakespeare canon. Arguably, only Shakespeare could have written act three of King Lear, in which an old king on the edge of insanity, his Fool and another character clad only in a blanket conduct an imaginary trial of the king's termagant daughters in a scene that is more Beckett than Bacon. Francis Bacon.

Perhaps this is because the poor have a chance to see the rich in their grandeur, whereas the rich view the poor as too below their notice.

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Of course, candidates for Shakespeare do not stop at wealthy men. For example, if I wanted to write a book about China, I would not have to travel there. Similarly, the argument that one needed to be a courtier to write convincingly of court life is never used against John Webster, the son of a merchant tailor, who nonetheless managed to compose effective dialogues about Italian courtiers in his plays The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi.

He was the right age to have written the plays and, unlike Sir Francis Bacon, he did not despise the theater.


Dutton, 1935. Shakespeare and His Authors: The world of "Shakespeare", who — or whatever — he might be, continues to revolve on stage and screen and across the traffic of countless web pages. Anonymous film is a 2011 political thriller whose central premise is that Edward de Vere was the anonymous author of the plays William Shakespeare claimed credit for. In bypassing academia, they hope to argue their case directly before a broad public that knows little of Shakespeare, Elizabethan history and the standard methodologies of scholarly research.

It was unusual enough that someone like Robert Greene, who had an M. In this book, she contests that William Shakespeare was not the author of his plays, but instead her namesake, Sir Francis Bacon, was the real author Gross 39. They also note his long-term, if often vexatious, relationships with Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Southampton, his intimate knowledge of court life, his aristocratic education and cultural achievements.

MetroLink needs to coexist with Dublin communities. New Haven: We Write for Our Own Time: In fact, the next version of New Oxford Shakespeare will officially credit him with a byline. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

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If Shakespeare is being discredited, does that not suggest that any author might be in danger of someday being questioned about their work, merely because their life was not documented in detail? Yes he can. This overreaching of the available evidence afflicts both mainstream scholarship and authorship sceptics. Why would a man who despised the theater with such fervor write plays?