What does a unico system cost

And yes I know about their lower discharge air temp and the other things they say that still doesn't offset the higher energy use. The really big factors for your operating costs though, have less to do with lab tests than you might think.

Hard to determine if bad install, equipment or both. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Shannon Enterprises Releases Acoustic Shield.

what does a unico system cost

Remember Me? By that measure high velocity systems are not as good as the higher SEER conventional systems we talk about.

SpacePak Mini Duct

Hope this helps -- Pstu. The other difference is the lower efficiency of the high velocity unit because of the much larger fan motor. The house has a gas boiler and radiator heat already, and the quote was including cooling only, but I'll ask how much extra would it be to get the heat pump included as well, as a back-up.

I thought that the superior efficiency just wasn't represented well by the current standards and measures of efficiency.

what does a unico system cost

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Even with a genduct installed fiber duct, how would you do the runout in the wall? In combat the negative of high fan costs all the HV systems use less air...

what does a unico system cost

Because they are moving less air at higher temperatures, they don't specify 3x as many. I wouldn't give you all the info of the load Calculation for free. Unico system need to make the sensible load , after you do the load ,you need to get the match of the condensing to the sensible load.

What are SpacePak and Unico Systems? The cost of the boiler and hardware is more that a conventional gas furnace and may not be as efficient; because the entering water temperature can be 120-160F compared to the entering air temperature of a conventional furnace of 68-72F, there are fewer opportunities to recover latent energy from condensation.

what does a unico system cost

Thanks in advance for everyone's advice! Oil Burners Pro's Forum: For more, or more than 5-tons, you can use multiple units. Pru, unless this unit will al;low an installation with NO hole cutting, you would do well to consider a traditional unit.