What country hit 2014 first-class

She is unique for having so much bone and power, yet so athletic, mobile, and feminine.

what country hit 2014 first-class

Her mother 8-62 is selling in the sale. Southern boys pay attention here. This heifer comes from the Mike Trienen program out of his best cows. A big ribbed soft footed RSVP cow that has done an excellent job for us.

This great donor candidate is a sure sale favorite. This is one of our favorite cows that is super stout and productive.

Her daughter 0-45 also sells in the sale. This heifer is the best of this combination. It is not very offen you get to buy a Deja Vu as a bred heifer. Another stout Simple Man heifer with tremendous depth of rib and the impeccable structure built for the long hual.

what country hit 2014 first-class

It is unique to see an Angus female this powerfull, big boned, and beautiffly fronted. This heifer is a complete package; soft footed, structurally sound, freak necked, and a great pedigree. Southern folks pay attention.

Munro smashes first-class sixes record

This Doc heifer has a big swooping rib, is sure footed, and great in her lines. Angus Group This heifer is great at the ground and really docile with upgraded muscle and adequate hair to promote increased value.

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National Show. Definately a maternal donor.

Very rare extinct genetics found in this female. Because they work so great to Monopoly and Heat Wave, as everyone is aware of, we thought we would roll the dice with the popular Walk this Way bull. She averaged over 8 eggs on five flushes at Yackleys.

what country hit 2014 first-class