What are strings on baritone ukulele

what are strings on baritone ukulele

On another guitar re-stringing with extra high tension nylon strings but tuning one tone lower than normal resulted in much the same increase in volume and broadening of tone.

As a temporary alternative I borrowed and shortened with snips standard copper wound guitar stings of a similar width.

Finding the Right Baritone Ukulele Strings

Players who try 'em love 'em — especially the deep, warm, mellow sound. Worked wonderfully well and attracted much favourable comment.

what are strings on baritone ukulele

Can I change the Baritone ukulele strings to Tenor strings? On my beloved TU-4 the black strings work so well that I have hesitated to replace them with the set of Aquila that was purchased with it in December 2014.

A Concerned Musician 2014-09-17 11: Either way, no more string breakages so far… fingers crossed. I have a Samick baritone which I love the sound of. Standard reentrant tuning shown on a ukulele, the music staff, and piano keys.

How to Tune the Baritone Ukulele

Refresh comments list. Search for linear strings. Shame on you.

what are strings on baritone ukulele

I find his strings t be excellent. Be sure to check out our great selection of ukulele sheet music , too! Thank God you have some people here correcting you. The Tanglewood bridge is very smart, but it relies on a sharp-edged slot to capture the knot.

Baritone Ukulele Strings

When you restring your ukulele, make a note of the date on the package and then add any comments you may have about their tone, tuning stability, and durability as you play them. Enter your information below to get started! Some nylon strings are made with polymer formulas that are intended to mimic the rounder, warmer tone of traditional gut strings. After returning from the Melbourne Uke Festival benefit at The Bridge in Castlemaine, I can report that others who tried both the Tenor and Baritone made very kind comments about the tone and sound.

I recently purchased a Makala baritone Uke and absolutely love it very easy to move my big fingers around. Now the sound is so high pitched, it was never like that before. Yes, I like Baritone!