What about discord review mlp equestria

I also thought, what if Discord hadn't been defeated by the Mane Six?

What About Discord?

Are you sure this is a good idea? Episode 7 May the Best Pet Win! Just In All Stories: We have his interest. The Mirror 11.

The Confession 18. I felt like that nerfed the Discord in some ways, mainly in intelligence, but one of my main issues was Celestia's attitude- it was far too like her normal self when Discord's mere presence broke her poker face in his debute.

what about discord review mlp equestria

So, this is what happened: It was because of this that the friends went about their daily routines as if there was nothing to worry about, but they each slept with one eye open, all except Fluttershy, who slept with two. For happiness, one must have something to strive for which comes from within but is tested against without.

what about discord review mlp equestria

It had been almost three years since he had vanished without a trace. Peterson movement. Friendship Is Magic 2010—. I would identify two major factors: She had gained more confident over the years, but the idea of romance terrified her. Celestia nodded in acceptance, having realized that this would be a paranoid yet logical assumption for them, with the Canterlot Wedding only a few months ago, "Of course, my student.

what about discord review mlp equestria

They each wore their Elements at all times for precaution. I'm not even sure how to unstone Discord with the Elements. After watching two seasons, it hit me: It is three years following their battle with Discord and the Mane Six are happy in their new and comfortable lives, until their enemy returns and will only relieve Equestria of his havoc in exchange for a bride. The Relapse 16. New Crossovers: Episode 12 Games Ponies Play. A girl world can be set up in the same manner, it is the intentions that must be different.

A total deus ex machina, which is then negated by a second deus ex machina!

MLP: Immanetizing The Equestrian

Friendship Is Magic Episodes. But, interestingly, they may be little more mentally ill than, say, anime fans in general: And if they all, kneeling with poised palms, millions, billions of them, ended together with their illusion?

what about discord review mlp equestria

Rollercoaster of Friendship.