Usa wholesale price index historical

Wholesale Price Index Definition

In addition, the United States also includes crude materials, consumer goods, fruit, grains and apples, and it creates indexes for nearly 100 subgroups. None Selected Clear All Tags. Extent of shareholder rights index 0-5 4.

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United States - Wholesale Price Index

The present wholesale price index of the United States, maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has been computed for the period since 1890. In the United States, the first major effort to summarize wholesale price changes through index numbers was published in a report of the U.

usa wholesale price index historical

Processed goods -1. Nolen , Assistant Editor. Although many countries and organizations use WPIs in this way, many other countries, including the United States, use the producer price index PPI instead — a similar but more accurately named index.

usa wholesale price index historical

Series Information. The electricity historical data availability dates differ by hub. Such forecasts may be made in great detail or may be very general. World development indicators: Contact Us. Lerner index 0.

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Tips For Editing. Marketing, the sum of activities involved in directing the flow of goods and services from producers…. How do I save the data in Excel?

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usa wholesale price index historical

Outstanding domestic private debt securities to GDP 91. Register now. United States Financial Sector.

usa wholesale price index historical

Liquid assets to deposits and short term funding 21.