Thermoval rapid how to use

This method is good to use for babies and also for adults.

Hartmann Thermoval Rapid 10 sec Digital thermometer

If your fever thermometer does not have a beeping function, leave the thermometer in place for 3 minutes. Sicher einkaufen.

thermoval rapid how to use

It is also waterproof and has an ergonomic shape for an easy job. Accept More information. Finally, a signal announces the end of the measure for convenience. Insert the thermometer tip carefully into the rectum.

thermoval rapid how to use

The radiation is picked up by the sensor and converted into temperature values. The digital thermometer Thermoval Rapid laboratories Hartmann is a super-fast digital thermometer for measuring the temperature of reliably in just 10 seconds.

Mark fever thermometers for rectal, oral and armpit readings.

Hartmann Thermoval Rapid Thermometer - Kids

Welcome to Medicalcorner24! Use your lips to hold the thermometer tightly in place.


The best values are obtained when the infrared rays are picked up from the middle ear eardrum. The easiest way to perform this measurement is when the patient lies on their stomach.

thermoval rapid how to use

When your thermometer gives an acoustic signal, you can remove it from your mouth. Choose thermometers that are easy for you to use. For more information see the privacy policy.

thermoval rapid how to use

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thermoval rapid how to use

Risk of cross contamination is higher if only one device is used in different individuals.