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"Somewhere Out There" lyrics

Is it us? But as I got into town my head spun around to the warmth that came shining through. The days are getting shorter now nights are growing cold welfare kids stand staring at the fire - growing old. Hot lyrics. There are palms in Koh Lanta and isles in the holy sea.

Album Young for Eternity 2005. Of the chains that it sings in Like me... And on the faded porch I see the chair we sat to learn to read, but that was such a long long time ago. You and I had started out together teamed as one.

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And even at the bottom of the well the stars are shining. And how you move like that? I've seen Kilauea and trees in Temagami. There were times that we busted our sides with hard belly laughter. Featured lyrics.

Oh Yeah Lyrics

You lost me in the distance so far ahead of me, your light shone so much brighter than the candle that was me. For she carries the heart of a high flying bird Who longs for a nest on the sea But she sings in her chains Just like me...

Hope is the light at the end of the road. And home is the sound of a song you know. And wherever I paddled and travelled the whole world round - there's nowhere anywhere that's not sacred ground, there's nowhere anywhere that's not sacred ground. But you do what you gotta to change outcome and keep the spirit of the traveling ones.