The box what does it mean

Definition of box

In any case, this is a fun and easy one to try out! What test of legitimacy should be required before a receptionist puts a call through?

the box what does it mean

Some of the guys got into it in a big way. I hear "off the shelf" a lot as well. Work backwards. Other terms relating to ' vulva 'vagina' , female genitalia ': Getting out of the box means shifting the frame.

What Does "Out of the Box Thinking" Really Mean?

Ask Question. Just out of curiosity, are you implying that you are a spammer?

the box what does it mean

I'd require a citation before I'd accept that whoever coined the phrase was thinking of the nine dots puzzle. In an episode of Battlestar Galactica 1 , for example, the expression "out-of-the-box" is used with the meaning of non-traditional, innovative:. StoneyB StoneyB 171k 10 234 415.

the box what does it mean

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