Teresa howard doula reviews on wen

We learned some great techniques to navigate the labor process while also connecting with several other couples also having babies at the same time-instant friends! It was not easy with so many strong candidates. I live in west Athens, but close to a jump onto I-85 or 316 into Atlanta.

I will forever be grateful of her services and continued friendship. While at a chiropractor visit one day, I was given Teresa's name and contact information. She will forever be held with love and respect in our family and will be a wonderful family friend for you as well!

teresa howard doula reviews on wen

She was professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. We were so fortunate to have Teresa at our birth.

Teresa Howard - Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services,

Jennifer Hilton Hammond. I teach at the Atlanta Birth Center and in Athens. She helped us through our second pregnancy and birth.

teresa howard doula reviews on wen

JavaScript is required for this content. I love being a nana, they are the reason we have recently moved to Athens.

Teresa Howard, CHBE, BOLD

About DoulaMatch. Emily Schunior. She even helped turn the baby from posterior facing to anterior facing!

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She ran a lot of interference, partnering very nicely with my mom and my midwife, and working as well as possible with the physician, who was always pushing for the next intervention. My husband and I have learned so much from her about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

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Her presence kept me calm and helped me to stay strong and trust in my body to give birth to my baby without the use of any pain medication. Her teaching style is fun and I looked forward to going to each class. Teresa helped us achieve that goal. In addition to my wife's "advanced age", she had fibroids. She's a wonderful doula and a great person. Connect With Us Today Notice:

teresa howard doula reviews on wen