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Van Orden, Sarasota; Kit Beecher. Jorgensen, i Coral Gables, B.

The Florida alligator ( September 30, 1949 )

There is also considerable speculation as to the strength of such dark horses as Chi Phi and Theta Chi. Students who attended the second semester of the 1948-49 school year, and paid undergradu undergraduate ate undergraduate student fees, under the cash plan or under the GI Bill are eli eligible.

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stagnaro brothers wholesale gadsden

In high school, both played a little football, both were Veeps of their junior classes, and com commencement mencement commencement speakers. A rotating plan usually i insures there being a Freshman. For The Best... Mama had a little car s But now she is bereft: At present, the editors and business managers of the Seminole, Orange Peel and the F Book are picked by their ability to gather in the most votes at election time.

After snaking through town the new crop of rats thronged the street outside Florida T T nion above for the first dance of the year. Selections for the initial concert of the semester will include Han- I dels Fireworks Music and Chao Chao-1 -1 Chao-1 cone by Pachelbel besides includ includ! Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes.

stagnaro brothers wholesale gadsden

Greater Tampa Club gathers Monday night at 7 in Union 305 to j plan semester activities. Under these conditions, it seems only sensible that an all-out effort would be launched, in including cluding including stowed-away plans.

Varsity candidates promise a definite platform. Ist Bull: Jones aqd were called back due to Gator were failed bae kdue to Gator rule infractions. The problem in the past has been that many persons who own only a few rental properties were reluctant to apply for adjustments because they did not understand J the necessary procedure," the rent official said. Alter pit ng up an easy victory over Pill Delta Theta in the first round, Sig Sigj j Sigj uia Chi looKed like the strong strongi i strongi est outfit around and there was j talk to the effect thai theyd sneak through and win the title.

They were a well-coached, well-manned club. We havent received an authentic report but the ever-present Cam Campus pus Campus party, so rumor has it, nonn nonnj j nonnj nated Bill Dunlap for their key candidate... Starting last, last year'; run-, ners-up rvappa Alpha put on a 1 tine dispiay of skill to overpower 1 Pi Lambda Phi on Monday, then i nipped SAE Wednesday to move into the semi-finals with a 3-2 win.

stagnaro brothers wholesale gadsden

Their ball handling was precise, their defensive play terrific. Application blanks, which must be filled at time of examination, may be se secured cured secured at the Scholarships Office. Renaldo Hamilton and Alton Crevasse, adjutants. Among projects which had been discussed are the infirmary service, a radio show', and regional convention. Photo by Fred Chapman tions, and societies on campus, not i to mention 24 fraternities and colonies.