Someone famous who recently died on 60

He also penned the family strip, "Hi and Lois. Marchionne had revived Fiat by 2009 and was chosen by the U.

Famous People We’ve Lost in 2018

Towers, a former first-round draft choice of the Padres, also served as GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2010-14. Harvey suffered a stroke earlier this month.

someone famous who recently died on 60

Oscar-winning director Milos Forman died on April 14 at age 86. Maren was 18 when he appeared in the Wizard of Oz as one of the three members of the Lollypop Guild. Jefferson Airplane co-founder Marty Balin died on Sept.

someone famous who recently died on 60

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Tommy Lawrence died on January 10 at the age of 77. Stephen Hawking, the renowned British astrophysicist, died on March 14 at age 76.

someone famous who recently died on 60

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Too young to die? 15 Hollywood and sports legends who died in their 50s

Murphy appeared in the film as the husband of diner owner Aretha Franklin, but was more than a studio musician for that band. In 2010, a researcher began to try and identify the real personna of the World War II icon. The US astronaut flew to the moon twice and commanded the first ever space shuttle mission. Marshall debuted as an actress and made her mark on TV's "The Odd Couple" as a secretary, then exploded on the scene after getting her own show with Cindy Williams, " Laverne and Shirley.

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Reynolds, the former Florida State football player turned actor, was a Hollywood icon for his work in action films and comedies such as " Semi-Tough ," the " Smokey and the Bandit " trilogy, " Deliverance ," " Hooper ," and more.

AARP Membership. He had a history of heart problems and was a heavy smoker, and had struggled with alcohol. George Bandy of Opelika died at age 72 on Jan.

Celebrities Who Died in Their 50s

After playing in the NFL, he returned to Syracuse, where he did color commentary and in 2011, became senior associate athletic director. At one point, he was among the highest-paid U. A Space Odyssey " died on Nov.

someone famous who recently died on 60

French singer France Gall passed away in a Paris hospital aged 70 on January 7, her spokeswoman announced.