Saskia sassen whose city is it summary

Whose City is it Anyway? Reflections on Global Urban Dynamics

Peter J. Jay Pinillos. Social Justice. But a few things jump out at me.

saskia sassen whose city is it summary

The most powerful of these new geographies of centrality at the inter-urban level binds the major international financial and business centers: Devi Rose.

These features raise a question about how the edge works, about the presence or absence of intersections between different environments, about what happens to contextuality. On the one hand.

What Is a Global City?

The large Western city of today concentrates diversity. Two points come to mind. And so are industries that produce digital products, such as software designers. Flag for inappropriate content.

saskia sassen whose city is it summary

We the residents can re-make parts of the city in simple ways that we cannot do regarding the national state. Urban Issues Demographics Economics.

saskia sassen whose city is it summary

Transnational economic processes inevitably interact with systems for the governance of national economies insofar as those processes materialize in concrete places. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism's yearlong study of the future of suburban development. Segregations Urbaines. It sets in motion a whole series of new dynamics of inequality Sassen 1996: There are two strategic dynamics I am isolating here: And even if to a large extent this was a unitary category constructed in political discourse and policy, it has become even less of a fact in the last fifteen years.

saskia sassen whose city is it summary

Whether at the global or regional level. One is the ascendance of cities as major actors and concentrators of key economic and political trends.