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You use a Logging handler in your exception handling policy to write details of the exception to the configured logging store such as Windows Event Log or a file an implementation of the Exception Logging pattern. If you are using the MSMQ trace listener to store log messages.

Most of the Enterprise Library assemblies contain several namespaces to organize the contents. NET Framework security features.

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In this section you can also specify the type of provider used to encrypt this section. Visual C. You can create and execute these accessors in one operation using the ExecuteSprocAccessor and ExecuteSqlAccessor methods of the Database class. This is more efficient. Exception Shielding is the process of ensuring that your application does not leak sensitive information. This policy specifies that the block should log DivideByZero exceptions.

Transactions should follow the four ACID principles. Configuration into your code.

Developer's Guide to EnterpriseLibrary 5 RC

Hopefully, for the first group, it will help orientate you and also get a quick refresher of some of the key concepts. This book concentrates on the application blocks in Enterprise Library that "do stuff" as opposed to Developer's Guide to Microsoft Enterprise Library 5. Visual Studio 2010 Premium. This service locator provides methods that you can call at any point in your application code to obtain configured instances of any Enterprise Library type.

You can add parameters to the command before calling the ExecuteScalar method if required. In addition. It is likely that you have an invalid connection string in your App. The code then waits until you press a key again. This service may not be set to auto-start on your machine.

You need to add a policy that specifies the type of exception returned from your code in this case. You have two choices. Table 1 shows the full list of these dependencies. The Logging block contains a default category named General.

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They simply used the Process method to execute the target class method. Exception type System.. It uses mappings to relate parameters and relational data with the properties of objects.