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I personally find it a bit depressing to see the horses ridden, because I think the Dutch are still too wedded to the lean and grind into the back, spur, and pull style of riding. When you see Arezzo, then you see that young stallion — he jumps like Arezzo, quick, a very good technique, very good reflexes, he is just like his father.

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Adriana van Tilburg and Christopher Hector Photos: Van Uytert had a very nice one by Hors la Loi, the Arezzo from Wiepke van Lageweg was good, the Arezzos may not be the most elegant types, but they are good sport horses. Where to find the jumping stallion for the future?

ostara s saffier who

You made the point that you wanted the young stallions to look like their sires. He had stallion presence and showed a good jump. Today was a better day.

KWPN Stallion Show 2015

Axis, Imperio, Hofrat and Hibiskus were all reserve champions and all went on to compete in Grand Prix dressage. King Arthur who stands at Tasdorf. Accepted to go on to the performance test were: The KWPN stallion approvals is a well-organized event with good music, lighting, a very interesting trade village, as well as very nice people to help out journalists with their never-ending questions.

ostara s saffier who

It is controlled by everybody, a lot of people talk together. I am a bit biased about this colt.

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Day one of the jumping was a bit of a disappointment, lots of very cute horses, but not a lot of power to be seen, as Adriana van Tilburg reports:. Hotspot himself showed a very scopey jump. We have an association of people who breed horses, bring on horses, show them here, we have the guys who buy the foals and bring them to the show, we have a group of dealers and the stallion owners, and two times a year we come together and talk about how we should do this, or that.

ostara s saffier who

Sometimes with Numero Uno they are a little bit square, and in the beginning, they can go to the level one twenty, one thirty, then they are finished. Because the Hanoverian was very difficult, he asked the advice of a famous breeder from the Trotters, and he told Wim to take Peter Spencer, a Trotter stallion, and that was the beginning of his dam line, the line that produced Huntelaar!

At the press conference he told a delightful story about the Zirocco Blue son, Huntelaar:.

ostara s saffier who

Torette, a Hanoverian mare. He was right from the beginning breeding jumping horses — he was one of the first to do that. I have also worked with the full brother to his mother, Corrido. We tried to select horses with conformation, long legs, long lines in the body and three good gaits. Can I have him? My last visit to the event was in 2003, so my information was in dire need of an update….