Ofsted nursery inspections how often

Documents, policies and procedures Inspectors should tell the provider the relevant documentation and information they are likely to need access to. The difference is that by using the routine route the provider can continue to operate while the appeal period is ongoing; emergency means the cancellation takes effect immediately.

Early Years Inspections: Comment by Ofsted external relations posted on on 16 August 2017.

Ofsted: what you need to know as a childcare professional

Do they ever get Inspected? The inspection focus is on: Yes their results continue to show that they are doing well but surely they need to be standardised?! The exception to this requirement are schools that are exempt from routine inspection.

Features Behaviour and safety — changes to the Ofsted evaluation schedule.

ofsted nursery inspections how often

Comment by Rebecca Pickering posted on on 16 January 2017. Ofsted states that it does not expect managers to be immediately available at all times to speak with an inspector. However, if a provision is judged inadequate this may take longer, especially if inspectors are planning enforcement action.

ofsted nursery inspections how often

This school recently had a section 5 inspection. A provider also has the opportunity of correcting any factual errors when the draft report is received. Comment by A concerned parent posted on on 22 April 2018.

ofsted nursery inspections how often

Any decision on the timing of the inspection will be for the Regional Director. Comment by Ofsted external relations posted on on 13 December 2018 Hi, It is not possible to predict whether a school in the process of undertaking due diligence before converting to an academy or joining a MAT will be scheduled for a routine short inspection before the conversion has taken place. In this case the school will be re-inspected no later than 30 months after the publication of the previous report.

Please can you request HM inspector s to inspect my childrens school as for the past 2 years all they seem to come home with are poorly photocopied "masks" with eyes cut out, cellotaped onto a lolly stick, for every topic they cover, this is the only activity that they do. The inspector should also ensure that time is set aside for the final feedback meeting.

Inspection timescales

Continue to engage with key stakeholders and experts on the proposals. A useful tip for pre-schools that are run by committees is to remember to notify Ofsted of any changes to committee members. Thanks for your comment.