Obama what me worry poster

As you can see in Fig. Scott…Thank you for sharing your creative process. Thanks for this! It was great to have an inside view of how you went about tackling this project. Jan Thanks for the helpful advice.

obama what me worry poster

Overall, the process was something of a roller coaster ride and certainly left me with some valuable lessons learned. What are your thoughts when it comes to this problem? This is so interesting. I was expecting at least one or two crazy habits, I think ;.

obama what me worry poster

Could you tell us more about the technical aspect of your workflow? It imports both vector and raster files quite nicely and outputs reasonably sized sized files as the vector bits remain vector if you are outputting to PDF or EPS.

The Tree I had been worrying a lot about how to approach the tree throughout the initial stages of the project. As always. I really love the poster and appreciate the insight on creation.

I am in love with your work and find it hugely inspirational when I am making my own art. For me it was quite interesting because I work completely in different way. Thanks for sharing the process. At this point I was getting pretty close to feeling like the image was complete, which was a good thing considering that Photoshop was really starting to slow down; even simple transformations were taking upwards of a minute. They pay me for trying to copy your works, lol..

obama what me worry poster

D Greetings, Wolf. Hey, although i really like your work, I think, that the poster is using the same elements than the nazis did… Playing childs and the perfect humans, Obama is just one step before becoming a dictator.

What printer for proof read you recommend for home office? The response was overwhelmingly positive, something for which I am very thankful, but the politically charged nature of the piece seemed to anger some people.

Move over Che: Obama's the new poster in town

Love design!!! Drop me a line yea? In fig. In house color-correcting. It was later decided to go with a full tree but I still liked how it looked at this time.