Level 17 match sticks how many squares

How many squares are in a square path with 31, 304 and 457 matchsticks?

Matchstick Puzzles

Word Bound: Move 3 matches to get 2 squares Level 17 Instructions: Matchsticks Level 180. Squares may differ in size.

Matchsticks Level 175.

level 17 match sticks how many squares

We have carried out the following update. Matchsticks Level 120.

level 17 match sticks how many squares

Two students Paul and Penina discover two different ways that they think the shapes are related. The usual basic ideas continue to be explored but this time with a more complicated spatial pattern.

Matchstick Patterns

Be warned, this is not so easy! Matchsticks Level 249. Rearrange the matchsticks to end with 6 matchstick heads in each row.

This Matchstick Puzzle Is "Extremely Hard" For Adults

Matchsticks Level 217. Matchsticks Level 124.

'Move The Match' iOS Cheats: Puzzle Answers For Episode 1, Levels 1-50

This level has a glitch of some sort. Matchsticks Level 178.

level 17 match sticks how many squares

We've got all the hints and answers you need for Episode one levels 1-50, here. Matchsticks Level 8.

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Matchsticks Level 209. Matchsticks Level 119.

level 17 match sticks how many squares

Penina's way of seeing how each shape is made is given below. I can only take so much before I just delete the whole game...!! However, don't underestimate it just because it's a children's game.