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ig farben buna monowitz where

An exhibition of the Fritz Bauer Institute The exhibition was redesigned in 2018. Nearby is the artifact seen on the left below, sometimes called a water tower perhaps, since the adjacent camp was called "Pulverturm," this was some sort of powder tower.

ig farben buna monowitz where

Board members Otto Ambros and Heinrich Butefisch were responsible for the Auschwitz plant in their capacity as the managers in charge of Buna and gasoline respectively. When I visited Auschwitz in October 1998, I was told that some of the Monowitz factories were still in operation, but this area was off limits to visitors.

ig farben buna monowitz where

Their use must not tarnish the good reputation of the victims of KL Auschwitz. In the foreground is a one-man shelter for the SS guard force, at the base of a guard tower.

ig farben buna monowitz where

The majority of these researchers only devote a dozen or so pages to the plants. In connection with the economic preparations for the forthcoming war against the Soviet Union, the IGF board, with government support, decided to establish an additional Buna works and installations for the production of synthetic fuels. The Jews who were sent to Auschwitz, and then assigned to work at Monowitz, had a much better chance of survival because the factory workers were considered too valuable to send to the gas chambers, at least while they were still able to work.

These original buildings from the Buna-Werke remain at the factory site today, some still in use.

IG Farben and Buna-Monowitz concentration camp

Google Maps - Teichgrund location ; Tannenwald location. Even before Hitler seized power, IG Farben had entered agreements with him for government support for the expansion of their synthetic gasoline facilities. On my trip to Auschwitz in October 2005, I hired a taxi driver to take me to the site of the factories, but I was told that they didn't exist anymore. In the following years, the concern is split into separate firms: The tour of Buna is extensively photographed.

Poland 1944 ▶ Auschwitz Birkenau Bombing by US Air Force - Concentration Camp Konzentrationslager

The Buna-Werke factory site was bombed by the Allies on four occasions, August-December 1944, doing considerable damage to some of the factory buildings. Expulsion of Jews and Poles from the region is a component of the plan.

Himmler is the man wearing a uniform. The engineers lived in the town of Auschwitz, after it was cleaned up to meet German standards of living.

ig farben buna monowitz where

Farbenindustrie A. The figures below are from the Nazi records which were turned over to the Red Cross by the Soviet Union after the fall of Communism.