How to use money drawing oil

Feed it once a week with Magnetic Sand. When starting Money Drawing work, some people like to get things going with a full-blown money spell and then continue to use the oil to dress themselves, their money, or a physical location to which they are trying to draw trade.

Money Drawing Oil

Read Our Forums. There are many kinds of Money Drawing candles , including the green 7-knob candles , green 7-day vigil candles , green pyramid with eye candles , and green 14-day sanctuary lights.

Our Oil can be used for many types of money drawing divination rituals that are aimed at producing more wealth, prosperity, financial success or business in general. Use Wednesday, if you are selling goods.

how to use money drawing oil

Home - If you feel that your home is jinxed, apply oil to door frames, window frames, door handles to clear out any negativity. Herb Magic. Reciting Psalm 4 or 23 also injects an element of power to quick money materializing rituals. Scrub the bathroom until it is clean, and then fill the tub with hot water, just hot enough that you can sit in it comfortably.

how to use money drawing oil

Need help finding something? Radio Show. This is for a small matched male and female pair We also sell Lodestone Oil for anointing the stones; click here for list of Oils.

Three Great Money Drawing Rituals You Need to Know

Talk about how much you need the money, how soon you are going to need it, and what you are going to do as soon as you get it. This is a great way to get a little more confidence going into a big event, and it can also get the right kind of energy going. A basic technique is carving your intention into the wax in clear, concise terms with a needle or toothpick. Auto - Apply protection, safe travel, blessing, good luck or similar oils to your car.

how to use money drawing oil

Burning Money Drawing Incense in the store first thing in the morning is also recommended. Hold the knotted fabric tightly in your hands, and announce your intentions for saving the money for out loud.

For external use only.

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Follow Us on Facebook: Do you have automatic glass doors without doorknobs? He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. This spell relies on the fact that people who have money tend to keep it.