How to use appsgeyser reviews

AppsGeyser is a template provider that allows people with no technical knowledge to create android apps for free. Spent a lot of hours learning eclipse and had some success with Google Play, however, made a mistake, got banned and took a year to get my account back.

Beware of - They will ruin your business and app!

The idea of the app was brilliant and it worked, over 12,000 installs so far and lots of traffic to my website. This morning I tried again and its in their build queue as 5013.

how to use appsgeyser reviews

Flurry Analytics SD... And they did not worry about covering up functionality, etc.?


You can opt out anytime. If someone is seriously looking for this kind of service and has this kind of experience it would be epic failure and they would move on to another company. Have questions? These ads can be removed for a fee per month to create a premium app.

how to use appsgeyser reviews

We do not go into your website, AppsGeyser has no control over app content. Save Unsave Compare. Vendors Get featured Get listed Claim your product Advertise with us. Ive sent them an email on the issue but Ive really lost interest in them. I could not understand it. Android Types: Repeated attempts for assistance were ignored. What is it all about?

how to use appsgeyser reviews

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how to use appsgeyser reviews

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