How to trim a guys neckline types

A Blocked Neckline.

The Best Neckline For Your Next Cut

You can leave this as a chiseled, angular corner, or gently round it off to make less of a macho statement. And secondly, it can help a thick neck look thinner. Saves them time and money. This type of block simply looks odd and could be easily corrected by the barber or stylist -- if they are so motivated to do so. This time even more so because the natural line will be so obvious underneath your carved out, raised hairline and the natural hair will always grow back to hit your collar again.

how to trim a guys neckline types

Step 4: Like in my last blog about sideburns, I know I need to educate you first before I berate you for making bad hair decisions or allowing a stylist or barber to do bad things to you without your knowledge. Posted at 11: Skinny neck?

how to trim a guys neckline types

A slight upward curve is best. Always make sure your haircutter shows you the back of your haircut. A Rounded Neckline. See all. Until now.

Blocked, Rounded, or Tapered? Choosing the Right Neckline Shape

As you can see, the tapered neckline looks much neater than the blocked version. Suggested retail price: The classic tapered haircut should always be tapered, never blocked. Want it more natural? Stay square or go round Define the corners of your beard by trimming a vertical line below your earlobes to connect with the horizontal line below your chin.

How Should Your Neckline Be Trimmed?

Find your flow. Insist on it. That shit grows back.

how to trim a guys neckline types

Watch out about the grow-out on this one, too. We'll discuss each basic shape in the frames that follow.

how to trim a guys neckline types

A well-defined and well-maintained beard neckline makes almost any style look better and tidier. Take your cue from the center Place your trimmer at this spot and move downwards. Step 2: A Blocked Neckline Grown Out. This is illustrated in the next photo.

how to trim a guys neckline types