How to study tumblr

See for yourself:.

how to study tumblr

Determine how you learn best: I also love to doodle, but this is a productive way to do it. Normally I just skim over the photos, but when looking for inspiration you should look closely and incorporate elements you like into your own notes.

Bedtime stories are for kids.

how to study tumblr

It is important, because it helps a person re- focus their goals. Turning the details you need to remember into a crazy story helps make the information more meaningful.

how to study tumblr

Whew, that was a mouthful uwu I really hoped I made sense. This technique helps prepare us to use the right strategy for finding the solution to a problem.

Some people are early birds, some are night owls; some prefer to study with a pal, others need complete and total silence. I was really lazy in college, and I would rather sleep than study, but I was able to get good grades, because I lived with people who persevered in their studies.

Instead of reading the Berenstain Bears, try studying for a few minutes right before hitting the hay. Get stronger and brainier at the same time.

Research suggests we store information more securely when we write it out by hand than when we type it. Get actively involved with the text as you read. This sounds superficial, but I love pretty things.

Research suggests meditation can reduce anxietyand boost attention span.


You must also understand that millennials, more than any other generation, mix work and play, sometimes to the point where the two are indistinguishable.

Start by recopying the most important notes from the semester onto a new sheet of paper. Nice Headers I usually have 2 classes of headers - one for the title of the notes and one for subheadings in the notes. The more time you spend studying, the more you tend to recall. Make a list of all the things you have to do.

how to study tumblr

For a real productivity boost, step away from the screen and break a sweat during a midday gym sesh. Highlighting leads to passive reading. We remember best the things that are most meaningful to us.

how to study tumblr

Just keep being passionate about something else other than studying.