How to select subjects for igcse english

how to select subjects for igcse english

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science. So it is very important to make a wise choice of option courses for the Years 10-11 curriculum.

how to select subjects for igcse english

Similarly, if a student intends to major in Business Administration in college, the student can opt for a subject combination as follows: When choosing option subjects it is important to seek advice from subject teachers, Form Tutors and Head of school. In addition to this, students must choose an arts subject from the 6 th group or another subject from groups 1 to 5.

Individuals and Societies: Group 3: Pauline Westwood explained the importance of the core subjects and then teachers and parents explored the various option choices. Online research of different universities requirements and option choice recommendations would also be very helpful.

Choosing your IGCSE Subjects

If a student has a particular university course in mind it is essential to check whether specific IGCSEs are required or would be an advantage. Depending on the school and subject choices offered, students can add in additional subjects.

Many will be looking for applicants with breadth as well as depth in their choice of subjects.

how to select subjects for igcse english

Hence, a student who wishes to pursue Engineering can opt for a subject combination as follows: Karan Gupta Why do parents and students chase this man? Subjects are further classified as High or Standard Level which basically refers to the number of hours the subjects are taught — 240 teaching hours for the high level and 150 teaching hours for the standard level.

how to select subjects for igcse english

Pauline Westwood. However, students who wish to study Science must opt for Math and Science subjects including Physics, Chemistry and possibly Biology. However, unless you are quite sure that you are going for an Arts related discipline, it is advisable to keep Math in your subject combination. With a plethora of options to choose from, students are now spoiled for choice. The Association of Indian Universities state that five passes including English at grades C or above in the IGCSE is sufficient for the 10 th grade qualification and migration to the Indian board system.

How to choose subjects for IB and IGCSE

The author is an alumnus of Harvard Business School. The IB Diploma Programme consists of 6 groups and students choose 5 subjects each from 5 groups. If a student does not wish to study abroad but instead wants to get into a Mumbai University course, the student again would have to make sure to follow all the Mumbai University guidelines including having Physics, Chemistry and Math as part of the subject combinations to study Engineering later.

It is imperative, however, that students choose subjects based on their future career choice and not because a particular subject seems easy or difficult. The groups are as follows: