How to paint door knobs brushed nickel

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spray painting doorknobs: 1 year later

If anyone has some wear results for faucets and such, I would love to know. Enter your email address and learn how I built a 6-figure business with no one watching. I was talking to my husband about spray painting the knobs awhile back and he was unsure if it would work.

how to paint door knobs brushed nickel

I did this band mine look just like yours. Girl gets stuck in bathroom overnight trying to spray paint her doorknobs...

how to paint door knobs brushed nickel

Do you like seeing the pin tests here on The Pinning Mama? I am just in the midst of trying this out.

How to Spray Paint Brass Door Handles for under $30 (DIY)

Please try again. I have been considering doing this exact thing in my home, so I loved reading this Pin Test.

how to paint door knobs brushed nickel

Wish me luck! We used to do quite a few pin tests but as time has gone by, it seems like they have become fewer and more far between. Lisa www. Exterior fixtures can be hundreds of dollars, especialls for a front door! And it is in the bathroom, which periodic humidity from the shower and bath.

Here is a blog tutorial on how to update the hinges.

{Pin Test} Spray Painting Your Door Knobs

If you loved this, you can see more of our pin tests here! Hold up great. Footer 3 Widget This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service.

how to paint door knobs brushed nickel

Thank you, Stepanie! I'm hoping we can replace ours too. Millennial Boss is a lifestyle and personal finance blog created by J, who paid off six figures of student loan debt and is now on the path to financial independence and early retirement through side hustles and career hacking.