How to make potato hash with eggs

My favorite holiday meal is a sour cream cranberry coffee cake — layers of whole berry cranberry sauce are swirled into a sour cream based batter….

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

I love my hash extra crispy myself. Healthy sweet potato hash with eggs is an easy to prepare breakfast made in one pan.

how to make potato hash with eggs

If I could eat something for breakfast every day it would probably be breakfast burritos with potatoes. Just made it. Add the spring onions; stir them through and season with pepper optional.

Add potato and cayenne to pan.

Crispy Hash and Eggs Breakfast Skillet

Our tradition is cinnamon buns, but one of my fav things is a slight variation of this recipe; pan fried potatoes with tomato, egg, mozzarella and basil!

Needed a little bit of salt, and maybe some other kind of green vegetable like spinach, but other than that amazing!

how to make potato hash with eggs

How would you rate this recipe? The pan is now empty! Shrimp BLT. Instant Pot Taco Night. This is a good blend of the two.

Potato Hash With a Fried Egg

If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. Have a wonderful new year and keep up the good work. How to Cook Potatoes. Add onion and bell pepper and cook until softened, about 10 minutes. Totally adding it to our weekend breakfast list!

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Potato Hash with Spinach and Eggs

Chocolate Salami. Fresh Corn and Tomato Salad. A healthy breakfast is a breeze to make, especially when it can be prepared all in one skillet like this sweet potato hash recipe.

how to make potato hash with eggs

Puffle with Hot Chocolate.