How to fix bracelet clasp

Eyeglass screws can become loose or even lost.

how to fix bracelet clasp

To close the jump ring, use the two pairs of pliers again each pinching a side of the jump ring and with a rocking motion close the jump ring so it is nice and tight. I did not complete this guide. Time Required 5 minutes.

Jewelry Repair

Hook the new clasp through the jump ring and twist the jump ring closed. Bracelet Clasp Replacement Written By: Clasps are available online and at your local craft supply store.

how to fix bracelet clasp

I think it will be best if I take it to the professional for an expert repair. Step Trimmer This guide has unnecessary steps. Some online resources are available as well.

How to Repair Jewelry Clasps

With your round nose pliers, squeeze in at the point shown by the arrows Like it is done in the photo to the right. Step 8.

how to fix bracelet clasp

Step 2. What two items you will need for the job..... Ring prongs or bezel settings can need repair.

how to fix bracelet clasp

Check that the actual clasp is broken. Here is an easy, quick way to tighten your clasp so it will again be a REAL safety clasp again!

How to Replace a Broken Necklace Clasp

Here are some of the tools you may need:. If you are like me, you have a favorite Tennis type bracelet [or two].

how to fix bracelet clasp

Clasps can become loose and not hold the piece of jewelry securely. And a Bracelet with a loose clasp. The most common are spring-rings and lobster clasps.