How to decorate your diary

Download and make these cute summer themed stickers for free!

how to decorate your diary

Decorate the inside covers with paint or drawings. Start with a piece of ribbon about 2. Now that you are working on the inside of your diary, you can decorate it with some of your more personal interests.

26 Ways to Decorate a Notebook

You can write with whatever you'd like, it's your diary! When you're done you'll have a full diary as well as your little cartoon. Cover a cheap notebook with some pretty wood toned self-adhesive vinyl. Of course! Maybe put some history notes or something on the first few pages so people don't suspect it's private.

how to decorate your diary

Continue to 26 of 27 below. This can be a precise time, such as 9: Yes No.

How to Decorate your Diary

The books are just adorable, and will quickly become your child's favorite! Continue to 20 of 27 below. For example, if you really like cats, you can make that a theme of your diary and use cats as inspiration to drive your decoration.

Your guests will love it! If you want, you can write stories, poetry and other creative writing to make it more interesting if you decide to read it in the future.

how to decorate your diary

How can I hide it from them? Woodgrain Valentine Notebooks from Damask Love.

Make sure you keep your key somewhere secure so that only you can find it! You can add some memorial photographs to your diary that's going to make it more interesting! If you'd like, you can use the same paper you used for the outside cover to glue to the inside.

How to Decorate Your Bullet Journal - Plan With Me

Watch them and go see if they are doing anything about it or telling someone. You can even sketch or make mini comics.

How to Decorate a Diary or Journal

They don't have to be very big or fancy. Write the most miserable things in your life first so it will all be cleared up. Continue to 10 of 27 below. Create a simple flip-book in the corner of the pages.

how to decorate your diary

When you catch him or her, it'll be very embarrassing for them to explain what they were doing.