How to cook halibut collar retail

Previous Radio. While they're best known for their live crabs — which you can pick out of the tank just as long as you don't stick your hand in the water — they also sell local seafood, shrimp, scallops, and lobster tails. Pucci, himself, buys almost all the day's fish down at the docks in San Francisco and then slices it up and puts it on ice to sell.

Grilled Salmon Collars with Ponzu Sauce

I've done this with lingcod, striped bass and albacore tuna. Although Monterey Fish Market follows fairly high standards of sustainability, its prices aren't exorbitant.

how to cook halibut collar retail

Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm Facebook: Everything they catch is either using a hook and line, or traps -- not nets. While he doesn't strictly follow Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch standards — for example, he has no problem with farmed fish as long as it's done well — he does try to ensure that the fish is sustainable and fresh.

Bay Area Bites Guide to 8 Great Places to Buy Fresh Fish

In addition, it's common for people to look for local fish freshly caught, though in the winter or depending on the weather it can be harder to find local seafood. While there are a number of small family-run fish shops in the city, Sun Fat's is clean, well-run, and the staff is knowledgable.

how to cook halibut collar retail

The duo will also cater an oyster bar for events. Everything is kept behind the glass and typically Joe Pucci, himself, is behind the counter. Hudson Fish Co.

how to cook halibut collar retail

The store is very conscientious about quality control and making sure everything stays at just the right temperature. The fat in the fish protects it from overcooking. Support KQED.

How to cook Yellowtail Collar

Arrow A small display of fish shows what's on sale that day, while the fresh stuff is kept in the back. The catch for the day is listed on the wall.

how to cook halibut collar retail

Pick out fillets prepared daily. Salmon collars are made for grilling. But often it's not so simple. The live crabs at Alioto-Lazio are famous.