How to change wifi network name apple

How To Change Your WiFi Network’s Name And Password

Click the "Edit" button in the Computer Name section. We recommend using a fairly long wireless password, or even using a phrase instead of a single word.

You can usually change your network's name from your router's page in a web browser, though you'll first need to find your router's address to access its page.

how to change wifi network name apple

Communities Contact Support. How to Change a Macintosh Network Name. There must be a way to rename one's own wi-fi network, but I can't seem to find where that can be done. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

We appreciate it. How is it done? After logging into your router, look for the Wi-Fi settings.

From the Airport Utility, select your router, enter your router's admin password from when you initially set it up you may have saved the password in your Mac's keychain which will make it easier. The System Preferences window will open.

how to change wifi network name apple

For some specialized routers, such as Google WiFi routers, you'll be prompted to download an app onto your smartphone and proceed using the phone app to configure your network. To be sure I correcty understand: If your router's page doesn't allow you to change your network's name or your network name changes aren't saving, you can reset the router to its factory settings and then assign a new name to the network when first signing into it.

Save your new network name.

How to Change a Macintosh Network Name

If this doesn't work, resetting your router and then reconnecting to it should allow you to change the network name. Once the router is on again, you can proceed. Of course your security mode has nothing to do with your WiFi name: For non-Apple routers, you are told in the instructions what address you should type in any browser, Safari or else, e.

how to change wifi network name apple

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Macintosh computers are no different. This is done in the router, or more precisely the wireless part of the router. If you want to change your network name given by the wl router, Apple or non-Apple, you must change it withing the router settings.