How to build a-one wheeled motorcycle trailer

The u-joint was not turning enough to make sharp turns without dragging the tire around fixed that , the tire was a tight fit in its assembly and at speeds over 70mph, the tire expands in diameter and rubbed the frame fixed , I also found that the front of the chasis needed more bracing.

how to build a-one wheeled motorcycle trailer

I emailed the seller and he said he built the trailer. All up weight of the trailer is around 40 kilos.

Home-building a uni-trailer

If the distance from the hitch to the center of the trailer wheel is 60 inches, the tongue weight will be: Gentlemen, after meeting a fellow rider towing a uni-go trailer I decided to build my own.

This little trailer draws attention wherever it goes!! Art Franz. ScubaDave Site Supporter. I'd like to see a trailer that can carry a bike and also be pulled by that bike. Thanks for the tip. Ideas and questions are always welcome.

how to build a-one wheeled motorcycle trailer

Ice Chest is new, just painted black to look better with trailer. Hi, just thought l would drop by and show the unit l designed and built. The way I built my trailer, I can stand on the chasis and it drops down about 4 inches.

how to build a-one wheeled motorcycle trailer

The chassis is built from 32mm resistance welded steel tube with a 2mm wall thickness and the load area is in-filled with 1 inch weldmesh.

Apr 3, 2010 Oddometer: An added advantage of the E-Z back is to extend the bed length or your truck. Originally Posted by couchman.

Trailers Pulled By Motorcycles - Here's mine

A high tensile bolt was welded on each leg, to mount a tie rod end. Found this on www. Built by. The wheel which is 10" mini with scooter tyre is fitted to an indespension unit which is reversed. This an all aluminium frame with roller bearing on all the pivot points.

DIY single wheel trailer

At the sort of speeds a sane person would do, it's unaffected by mid-corner potholes. That is that white box on there. Wish i could knock something up like that!