How are thermometers made and calibrated torque

The process is the same when mercury is used, except heat is also applied in the vacuum chamber.

Super Glue Tire. Also, it may eventually be possible to direct an infrared beam into soil and extract a temperature reading from a target depth without even touching the soil. It was not until 1611 that Sanctorius Sanctorius, a colleague of Galileo, devised and added a scale to the thermoscope, thus facilitating quantitative measurement of temperature change.

how are thermometers made and calibrated torque

Principles and Methods of Temperature Measurement. In addition, other elements are necessary for the manufacture of thermometers, including a wax solution used to engrave the scale marks on the glass tube; an engraving engine that makes permanent gradations on the glass tube; and a hydrofluoric acid solution into which the glass tube is dipped to seal the engraving marks.

Use of electronic components in thermometers has grown. The operating principle of a thermometer is quite simple.


For the common household, this tolerance is usually plus or minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit 16 degrees Celsius. Waste materials accrued during manufacturing are disposed of according to environmental regulatory standards. All thermometers have a tolerance for accuracy. Although there are numerous types of thermometers, the production process for the most common of these—the classic household variety—is described below.

how are thermometers made and calibrated torque

Thermometers are designed according to predefined standards identified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST, formerly the National Bureau of Standards and standard manufacturing practices.

A thermometer is a device used to measure temperature. The manufacturing process is controlled by widely adopted industry standards and specific in-house measures.

December, 1988, p. Periodicals Alderman, Lesley. Send comment. Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin. Alderman, Lesley. A design engineer will look at the travel limits for the liquid to be used in the thermometer.

how are thermometers made and calibrated torque

Due to environmental concerns, contemporary thermometers are manufactured less with mercury and more with a spirit-filled hydrocarbon liquid. For laboratory work, plus or minus 1 degree is generally acceptable. The thermoscope, developed by Galileo around 1592, was the first instrument used to measure temperature qualitatively.

how are thermometers made and calibrated torque

At one point during the eighteenth century, nearly 35 scales of measure had been developed and were in use. With a thermometer, temperature can be measured using any of three primary units: About 1644 it became obvious, however, that this instrument—comprising a large bulb flask with a long, open neck, using wine to indicate the reading—was extremely sensitive to barometric pressure.