Drummers who can sing better

My husband is a lead guitar player.

drummers who can sing better

Flag comment Cancel. Even so, he was knocked out by Karen's talent with the sticks.

drummers who can sing better

And you can even test your abilities with the following exercise: All I know is that I find it difficult enough to do back up vocals when drumming. What's interesting with all of these songs, though, is once you get in "the zone" with them, it becomes much more straightforward to sing and play them.

How to Sing Better: 16 Strategies Your Vocal Coach Won’t Teach You

Little wonder, then, that so many singing drummers choose to concentrate on the vocal part of their craft. Up next… 3. It's pretty impressive. Today, Dolenz is right at home at the drums and the mic as he continues to perform with fellow Monkee mates Tork and Jones.

The 12 greatest singing drummers ever

Nor would the drums take a major role in his subsequent solo music career. He ususally backs down from the more complicated lead stuff when he's singing.

drummers who can sing better

One of the biggest mental roadblocks for a singer attempting to sound GOOD…. Singing drummers find themselves in an awkward position, behind a barrier of tom-toms and cymbals making it harder to connect with an audience than if they played bass, guitar or keyboard.

The 10 Best Singing Drummers in Rock History

Don Henley. Dave Grohl, who was the drummer for Nirvana before becoming Foo Fighters' frontman, and Frank Zappa, who started on the stool for bands from high school onwards.

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Josh Dion: The Art Of Singing & Drumming (FULL DRUM LESSON) - Drumeo

Though, if you want to be truly alternative these days, then you need to form a duo. We can even forgive him for being so freakin' ubiquitous during the '80s. Perhaps one or two.

drummers who can sing better

And he's still doing it. And is probably the main reason why so few of us ever attain that awe-inspiring, wall-shaking volume we all wish for. Now that he's an Eagle again, Henley is playing the drums - effortlessly, cleanly, with a Ringo Starr-influenced less-is-more groove - and applying his distinctive tenor to a veritable greatest hits show.

drummers who can sing better

Subscribe to Independent Minds to debate the big issues Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? More than just a great drummer, and more than just a great drummer who could sing well - Roger Taylor was Queen's secret weapon.

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