Decoded crop circles and what they foretell

In these spaces, Ed and Kris Sherwood witnessed and recorded hundreds of luminosities, using 35mm, HI-8 video, and digital cameras. Here is what Ed Sherwood had to say about this: In this case in the solar system will not be fulfilled the Program of consciousness improvement. Only in united consciousness of mankind can cause laser beam which will remove a body from the level of global cataclysms.

decoded crop circles and what they foretell

That contact seemed very lucid and real, and its information could be verified by an independent source see eastfield2008d or kiernanantares. This is because humanity to be saved from global cataclysms has to make the Transition on the safe level of the material world.

decoded crop circles and what they foretell

Heavens Gate Cult members committed suicide to escape the end of days. Log in.

This crop circle matches ancient prophecy about end of world...NEXT MONTH

Mr Meade and many other conspiracy theorists have matched Bible prophecies with the movement of the planets to predict Nibiru will return on September 23, 2017 — and crash into Earth the following month. And Below Roberto adds his own message and thoughts on the crop circle and Scripture Decodes and makes good reading, you will note how over 3 years ago the bulk of Roberto decodes was made, and that as they foretold Earth is moving ever closer to the Findings.

decoded crop circles and what they foretell

Crop Circle Themes According to the Sherwoods, the crop-circle designs are symbolic and literal metaphors that contain a wealth of encoded information. Bright colors of the composition pay attention to this major instruction of ETC — unification of consciousness. Yet it should be of considerable interest to other readers, who already follow these strange crop-circle or UFO phenomena in some detail, and wish to learn more.

decoded crop circles and what they foretell

Who else but the greys, who by rumour signed a secret treaty with the U. Many people believe that crop formations carry a symbolically encoded message. Pictogram warned that if we will not unite consciousness and will not make the Transition life-cycle of each of us and whole civilization will be not finished.

Crop Circles Decoded with Dr Horace Drew ‘Red Collie’

He said the writing told of a giant planet called Nibiru, which orbited the Sun every 3,600 years. The Sherwoods agree that Colin Andrews is probably fairly close in his estimate that perhaps 80 percent of the crop circles made in England during 1999 and 2000 were manmade.

This information is presented in details in our decoding of the pictogram 30 July 2010 at Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, England on our decoding pictograms of the 2010 crop circle season on Crop Circle Connector at www. As the eclipse was occurring, metallic objects of non-human origin appeared over Mexico City and other cities around Mexico.

decoded crop circles and what they foretell

A total of 716 such disks were recovered.