Bmw e34 m50 grinding sound when starting

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BMW E36 Lower Chain Tensioner Replacement

Posted August 12, 2009. I cannot find the chain tensioner on an E36 with M43B16 engine. On rare instances the ABS warning may glow slightly after other electrical consumers have been switched on.

I was able to take a quick look at it tonight and I can see that the dowel pin is not in and the starter itself is crooked.

BMW starter motor faults and problems

It is approaching 100,000 miles and I am wondering if I should replace the timing chain tensioner as preventative maintenance it doesn't appear to be making any noise as of right now. I have e46 4 cly engind petrol 1. It doesn't have a hole for the thimble to fit in so I don't think it came from there.

bmw e34 m50 grinding sound when starting

Find More Posts by 328ijunkie. The vehicle will not start. Some people use E36 radiators but if you plan on using a mechanical fan, E30 radiator will give you more clearance.

bmw e34 m50 grinding sound when starting

There isn't necessarily an interval for replacing the chain. Also measured voltages at starter - big post reads 12. If this doesn't happen, you will have a very noisy, rattling engine when you start it up. We'd need a sound clip to be sure, but it may be the Bendix drive on the starter motor, and the grinding you hear is the starter pinion gear barely rubbing on the ring gear. Remove the belt that you think is making noise and start the car and see if the noise is gone.

I also notice fanny noise from engine when pulling of. Hi i have a 97 328i m3 there is a loud tick noise when I start up and getting worse when engin is hot first they say its the lifters did oil change everything soud still there can it be a tensonor desperate help pls. For some reason, starter problems do not seem very common on e39s.

bmw e34 m50 grinding sound when starting

It is a possibility that these problems may occur on a vehicle which has been equipped with an automatic transmission. Just pull the tensioner out and replace the sealing ring and you should be good to go!

Seal on 2 and 3 Pin Plug Connectors Model:

bmw e34 m50 grinding sound when starting