Bielschowsky silver stain protocol

Deparaffinize and hydrate sections to dH 2 O. Silver nitrate ------------------------------------- 5 g.

bielschowsky silver stain protocol

Add concentrated ammonium hydroxide dropwise with stirring to the silver nitrate solution reserved from step 2. Distilled water ------------------------------------ 100 ml.

Citric acid trisodium dihydrate, Sigma ----- 0. Wash sections in 0. Wash in 3 changes of distilled water. Add only enough to dissolve the dark initial precipitate but not more.

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bielschowsky silver stain protocol

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bielschowsky silver stain protocol

Solutions and Reagents: Continue Continue. Distilled water ------------------------------------ 50 ml.

bielschowsky silver stain protocol

Again, save this solution for use in step 6. NovaUltra Special Stain Kits. Developer Stock Solution ------------------------ 8 drops. Nitric acid, concentrated ----------------------- 2 drops. Antigen retrieval.

Bielschowsky’s silver stain protocol

Ammonium hydroxyide, concentrated --------- 8 drops. All the glass containers must be completely cleaned with distilled water.

bielschowsky silver stain protocol

Directly conjugated primaries. IHC staining protocol. Developer Working Solution make fresh immediately before use, discard after use: Paraffin sections at 10 um thick.

Deparaffinize sections to distilled water and wash three times. This method is easy to perform and is routinely used in the study of Alzheimer's disease together with antibody staining.