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This original work has been very highly cited. The fate of the CuNPs in the aqueous media was temperature dependent.

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Environ Pollut , 186 , 257-271. Watch our Oscar-nominated documentary. Marseilles, July 2013. We identify windows of tissue-specific sensitivity to ethinylestradiol EE2 for exposure during early-life 0-5 dpf and illustrate that exposure to estrogen EE2 during 0-48 hpf enhances responsiveness sensitivity to different environmental estrogens EE2, genistein and bisphenol A for subsequent exposures during development.

Developmental impairment in eurasian dipper nestlings exposed to urban stream pollutants.

Quotes Laser: This review provides an analysis of the reproductive and population biology of Nassau grouper and a suggested framework to direct future research efforts for enhancing conservation management of this endangered marine fish species. Howard Hughes Lecture. Best to Worst. Climate change and pollution speed declines in zebrafish populations.

These data support the potential for CTZ to induce alterations in biotransformation and drug transporter genes associated with PXR in fish at concentrations measured in some WWTW effluents. Capturing ecology in modeling approaches applied to environmental risk assessment of endocrine active chemicals in fish. This work is funded by very diverse sources including Research Councils, DEFRA, and various industries reflecting the multi-stakeholder interest.

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What advantages? Accordingly, investigation of these responses currently dominates NM safety assessments. Populations of a cyprinid fish are self-sustaining despite widespread feminization of males. Photo Gallery. New parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation, study says.