Who owns averitt express

Universal Logistics Holdings Inc.

who owns averitt express

Turnover is high, favoritism is rampant. Forward Air Corp.

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who owns averitt express

Thanks so much for taking time out to leave us a review! Industry Expertise Aerospace and Defense.

who owns averitt express

Most of the work is put onto certain drivers while other particular drivers get to pretty much manage themselves and receive special treatment. TransAm Trucking Inc.

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The equipment is fair. Two Men and a Truck Movers. We appreciate your review! Jack Cooper Holdings Corp.

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Review this company. I got lucky, I have a very good fleet manager. Marten Transport Ltd. England Inc. The professional image policy should be revisited, the folks in the call center, who never see the customer, should not have a more strict policy than the drivers, who are the true face of the company. Prime Inc.

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Driver Management. Skip to main content. Enjoyable Part Time work. So with that being done I was not happy with that company. Top 50 News. Thanks so much for this wonderful feedback!

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I had a pretty decent dock supervisor, the work was fast paced. Rubber and Plastic Products. DSC Logistics.