Who is tamara kay brawner

They would not be shocked to see her act this way. Posting names and addresses, even I got a mention in her drivel. I was laughing so much.

who is tamara kay brawner

Utterly disrespectful. You will love it. The interpretations of what is said here are so fascinating to me. Name required.

From PhoenixNewTimes. At all.

who is tamara kay brawner

Well well. I missed the last year. You have options, Mary. I know and neither am I.

No one supports her blog. I thought that tranny blogger, Funky Dineva, was the one stalking by giving live on the spot updates on the construction of Chateau Sheree while holding a dildo as a microphone. Do we know for a fact she ever went on this trip? In response, the judge held her in contempt and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

‘Real Housewives’ Star Says She’s Being Stalked

No one made becalm donate to her. I am of the mindset that people who enjoy being hurt need to be with those who hurt. Zolciak-Bierman would have filed TRO against them. Everything is already on the internet. There are some really vicious people on there who take any criticism of the Giudices as a personal attack e.

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who is tamara kay brawner

The jury was immediately removed from the courtroom so that attorneys for both sides could argue the relevancy of the steroid usage testimony to the issues of the case. You are commenting using your WordPress.

who is tamara kay brawner

You may be the next person she decides to publish sensitive information about on her site like she did fivecats when she loses her shit again…and it will happen. Like Liked by 10 people Reply.