Where do boll weevils live

Weevil species occur in a wide range of colors and body shapes: The boll weevil infestation caused many farmers to realize the value of crop rotation and the need for crop diversification rather than total dependence on cotton. Having trouble with Pests? The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.


When the eggs hatch, the larvae burrow into the ground and feed on the roots. Most likely, homeowners seeing weevils are dealing with the stored product species. Coleopteran , order Coleoptera , any member of the insect order Coleoptera, consisting of the beetles and weevils.

where do boll weevils live

Grain placed in a clean bin should be checked at two week intervals during warm months and at one month intervals during cooler months for the presence of hotspots, moldy areas, and live insects. Adults are also controlled by elimination of field litter, especially cotton stalks, in which they overwinter. Probably of Mexican or Central American origin, it appeared in Texas about 1892 and spread to most cotton-growing regions of the United States.

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where do boll weevils live

These weevils are pests of grain throughout the world. Introduced to the United States from Mexico in the 1890s, the boll weevil was a severe agricultural pest for nearly 90 years, until the launch of an aggressive multiyear eradication campaign in 1978. In 2013 Texas was the only state to still have areas with boll weevil infestations. Select feedback type: Anthonomus grandis. Invertebrates boll weevil. They can be very destructive, and their damage is often very expensive.

The most important control methods are to find the infested material and eliminate it.

where do boll weevils live