What types of abstract art is there

what types of abstract art is there

Chinese artists would use coloured ink to paint on paper and silk. Types of Abstract Art To keep things simple, we can divide abstract art into six basic types: Abstract Art: Although the popularity of abstract art did not pick up until the 19th century, the earliest examples can be traced back to Tang Dynasty painter named Wang Mo.

Gestural Gestural is a term used to describe the application of paint in free sweeping gestures with a brush.


De Stijl was a circle of Dutch abstract artists who promoted a style of art based on a strict geometry... Sometimes, abstract art can be based on real-life objects, living beings, and landscape. Early works in this style typically filled large scale canvases, whose size was designed to overwhelm spectators and draw them into another world.

Colors were added and others were covered over. Souza, M. This formed the compositional foundation for the painting. Rather than putting emphasis on the depiction of objects, this painting focused on visual sensation.

what types of abstract art is there

A surrealistic painting by Vladimir Kush. The overall desire was to achieve a balance through variety in terms of size and color, while maintaining a sense of active simplicity.

Famous Painting Styles Of The World

Involved with the abstract group Cercle et Carre 1929-31 , as well as the Abstraction-Creation Group 1930-6 , he moved to New York in 1938, and was allegedly the first painter to work to gramaphone music. Fahrelnissa Zeid 1901—1991. If you look closely at impressionist paintings, you will find that black is a color that is rarely used.

what types of abstract art is there

How to Appreciate Art. It's hard to believe that when the Impressionists were first showing their works, most critics hated and ridiculed it. So, Kano followers used bright and vibrant colors in their paintings. The watercolor pencilled areas were then moistened to create a soft hazy effect, while retaining the graininess of the pencil. Chance and Intention: Sadly he died in 1931, but his ideas were continued not only by students of the Bauhaus design school where he had lectured , but also by the Abstraction-Creation group - led by the Belgian artist Georges Vantongerloo 1886-1965 and the French painters Jean Helion 1904-87 and Auguste Herbin 1882-1960.

This type of abstract art is characterized by a swirl of pigment in every painting which eventually makes the pigment indistinguishable.

Modern Abstract Art

Even though many have tried to define modernism, the real modernism has always managed to slip away from those definitions. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest. In his lifetime, Monet produced many watercolor paintings which displayed this technique. This painting was done in an Abstract Expressionist style, using acrylics on canvas.