What the fox hat

Richard Fahey won a race last season with Novinophobia, owned by P. Theresa May channels her inner meerkat Steerpike. In the same ownership is, I believe, Triskaidekaphobia, which is a fear of the number 13.

Wear The Fox Hat looks innocent enough but try saying it in an Irish accent

Melanie McDonagh. The rewards for breaking rules of horse-racing have to stop Robin Oakley. So why can't we replace it?

what the fox hat

Five things we learnt from an evening with Jacob Rees-Mogg Steerpike. They may have seemed like a good idea over a drink or two, but I could not look a horse in the face and land it with a moniker like those, or even the punctuated The Geegeez Geegee.

A dog is entitled to a good name, and so, for me, is a horse.

what the fox hat

You could excuse Welliesinthewater, who was after all sired by Footstepsinthesand. Rod Liddle.

what the fox hat

The turf Wear The Fox Hat looks innocent enough but try saying it in an Irish accent There is plenty of good fun to be had in naming horses Robin Oakley. Most Popular Read Recent Read. Timmins and A Rhodes Haulage. The Nigel Farage response to officials at continental racecourses is not recommended Robin Oakley.

what the fox hat

Wear The Fox Hat looked innocent enough, but try it in an Irish accent. The Racing Levy stinks.

What The Fox's Hat

Nick Herbert. Imagine, though, being a racecourse commentator and having to cope at speed with a group including Canicallyouback, Formidableopponent, Howyadoingnotsobad, Douneedahand and Alwaystheoptimist.

what the fox hat

James Forsyth. What irritates me is the modern fashion for compound names. Even less appropriate for me are the current names Niqnaqaqpaadiwaaq, Tukitinyasok, Wernotfamusanymore and Eeueteotl. One owner persuaded Weatherbys that he was keen on the Ancient Greeks.