What s on north tyneside homes

The decision will be reviewed and you will be informed in writing. What is an expression of interest? Search the Site. Back to the top. Due to the demand for social rented housing in South Tyneside, we must allocate homes according to need.

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All new applications must now be completed online via the Tyne and Wear Homes website. Band 1. Back to top I am Homeless. Can my application be refused? What if I don't agree with your decision? If your home affects your medical condition s , our Health and Housing Team can complete an assessment.

We can also show you how to access the scheme in your local housing office. The authorities still have their own respective allocation policies, but there are some changes to the system - you now only need to complete one application form and the bidding period has been extended.

For applicants with a local connection to South Tyneside and who are found to be intentionally homeless with or without priority or who are sharing a kitchen or bathroom with another household. Back to top What kind of housing am I eligible for? Search the Site. Band 2. Your application will still be assessed against the local lettings policy used in the area where you want to live.

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Contact us Telephone: Whether you are offered housing will depend on your individual circumstances and housing needs. How do I join the scheme?

what s on north tyneside homes

You can place 3 bids per week either on your Tyne and Wear Homes account or by telephoning us on 0300 123 66 33. If you want to be considered for rehousing by us, you must apply to join the housing register first. For applicants locally connected to South Tyneside found to be in the critical need category.

what s on north tyneside homes

Back to top. If more than one customer is short-listed for a home, then the customer wit0h the earliest date of the banding will be successful.

what s on north tyneside homes

For confidential reasons we are cannot disclose the name and personal details of the successful applicant. For example a single person will not be considered for a two or three bed house.