What level to solo stockades wow

The Stockade

We used to farm the library using our 29 twinks for deadmans hand after they introduced exp lock so all in our guild had it. Comment by Euryticles Perhaps the most boring and repetitive instance out there. Your best bet is to get all the quests at once, and do one run. Red woolen boots not bad for 5 mins, all i needed was wool for an alt.. Cookie Disclaimer.

Solo instace min level

Jaydar Culexsis. Comment by remmurd Once i was doing this with my lvl 50 paladin, http: Don't have an account? On the other hand and by sharp contrast, the 3 "bosses" here range from underwhelming to worthless, particularly Lord Overheat who does, well, nothing. Comment by loerandloer Says some thing about the stormwind guard if they cant stop a prison uprising in over 4 years. Comment by Kyeld decent for xp, but the drops are nearly non-existent.

I took the plunge tonight and queued for stormwind stockade after asking my guild if any player at my level was interested. Update; I did a google search and found some more information and youtube videos and from what I see and read this is definitively not a solo at least not for me.

what level to solo stockades wow

So this only works if you're ranged? Comment by shurefire You guy's are all forgetting something. I don't know what happened it happened so fast. Also some people stand out as exceptional and giving players.

what level to solo stockades wow

Thanks for downrating me when telling the truth. Edavy89 Edavy89 8 years ago 8 You are soloing Gnomer in your thirties?

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Comment by elfa555 While running stockades today a Twisted Chanter's Staff Lv 19 boe dropped off a large solid chest. Go around up the backside by Stormwind Harbor 3. Providing you have a level 70 mage friend, lucky for me i'm owed a favour, it is possible to level extremely quickly here. All times are GMT -5.

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what level to solo stockades wow