What is danish feta cheese made from

what is danish feta cheese made from

Semi Hard. Often, some goat's milk is blended in. Privacy Policy Advertise with us.

Danish Feta Cheese

Beyaz Peynir literally means "White Cheese" in Turkish and is an ingredient frequently used in Turkish cuisine. You just want something to toss through your salad or add to your quiche, but how do you choose between Greek, Danish, Australian, Bulgarian, low fat, full fat, marinated, sheep's, goat's or cow's?

what is danish feta cheese made from

In 2008, this cheese was named the world's best cheese in the Feta category. The better tasting fetas are cured in a brine and aged four to six weeks, essentially pickling the cheese and intensifying the salty and sharp flavor. Have you ever found yourself standing at the deli counter staring at six different types of feta cheese with no idea which one's which?

Where it started: Wherever feta is made in the world or whatever you call it, the basic characteristics of feta don't change--it is salty and tangy with a creamy and crumbly texture.

Whey to go: Australian feta finds favour

It has its own small shop where customers do the famous five-cheese tasting platter and wash it down with a local chardonnay. Those are the qualities that this variety brings to the table.

what is danish feta cheese made from

Love cheese? Usually, the predominant flavor is tangy and the texture is less creamy and more crumbly.

A Guide to Feta Cheese

Other cheeses from Denmark: You should always buy feta in brine. Gybna Baida is the Arabic name for white cheese in brine.

what is danish feta cheese made from

Beyaz Peynir is suitable for salads and also as a snack. Experiencing feta fret? Australian feta finds favour Feta forges ahead as the latest cheese-pleaser for Australian palates, but there might have to be a new term for the local marinated specialty, if Greece gets to legally claim the name, writes Mark Abernethy.

It has a smoother texture when compared to most feta, with an almost melt in the mouth quality. Danish feta Danish feta is made from cow's milk and has a milder, creamier texture.

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Yarra Valley Dairy's Persian feta started a local marinated feta industry. Our taste testers likened flavoured feta to 'club' cheese that's passed off as cheddar — essentially it's not feta in the true sense of the word.

what is danish feta cheese made from

Some goat's milk feta is also made in France and can be slightly drier and tangier. Log in to comment. Avoid perfection to create a beautiful interior 'Whiteley', the opera, bets big on attracting a large audience 'Eighth Grade' costume designer deserves an Oscar in the 2019 Academy Awards. It's probably what Australia is best-known for. Feta follows two main traditions: It's a buy-one-thing-get-another-thing-free type of situation, and like feta, it rules.