What is a state repository service

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How to Fix State Repository Service High CPU Usage in Windows 10

Read also: No imaging, no extra software, no nothing. We will get back to you as quick as possible.

what is a state repository service

You might also like to know: Here's what I found: Due to this issue, your computer may freeze, and you may not be able to work on your PC smoothly. Since this service utilizes most of the CPU resources, so your Windows 10 computer may face a high CPU usage issue and the performance may be affected continually.

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Service Host State Repository Service high CPU usage issue in Windows 10

Post Contents: State Repository Service is a browser-based service in Windows 10 that helps a user to capture and save multiple independent snapshots of browsing sessions on a web browser. State Repository Service is turned on by default, and you should keep it ON so that you can get the snapshots of browsing sessions can be captured and saved properly.

what is a state repository service

Not sure if anybody else has been having this problem since installing the Fall Creators Update, I did a clean install this morning and so far the only problem I have had is that clicking a link to opening a browser will lock up the problem I've clicked it in, while the State Repository Service starts using much more CPU in task manager. Must check: Restart the PC and surely it will solve the issues.

Hopefully my PC stops doing this within a few days because I do not want to deal with this every damn time.

what is a state repository service

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